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India's In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Industry

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November 2011; Pages: 11
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The TriMark Publications "Sector Snapshot" is designed to provide a high-level overview of a particular market sector, including key players, sales data and emerging trends. This sector snapshot covers the Indian in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market which is currently manufacturing and selling products locally. This snapshot also details the major international IVD companies in India, major trends in the Indian IVD sector, Indian laboratory reagents manufacturers and suppliers, and the issues and priorities for India.



Indian Clinical Laboratories 2
Indian IVD Markets 2
Key Industry Leaders in India: Global and Local Companies 4
Major Indian IVD Companies 4
Major International IVD Companies in India 5
Major Chinese Companies in the Indian IVD Market 5
Market Shares of Major Diagnostic Companies in India 7
Major Trends in the Indian IVD Sector 7
Indian Laboratory Reagents Manufacturers and Suppliers 8
Issues and Priorities for India 8
Indian Point of Care Diagnostics Products Market Sales 9
Indian Economy Overview 9
Conclusion 10


Number of Automated Clinical Labs in India, 2004-2012 2
Indian IVD Market, 2006-2012 3
Indian IVD Market Sectors, 2010 3
Estimates Market Share of IVD Equipment and Reagents by Company in India, 2010 7
Indian POCT Diagnostics Products Market Sales, 2008-2012 9
Socioeconomic Indicators and World Position for India 10
Demographic Snapshot for India, 2009 10

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